Friday, November 28

the little centaur (toddler)

Sagittarius Toddler

Part of my child astrology series. Read here for Sagittarian infants.
Apologies for the overlap in content, I decided to split infants & toddlers. I added to the infants post too.

Make room and put away every precious knick-knack, the centaur is galloping in! Sagittarius children want to run, run, run!

The keyword for this stage is FREEDOM. Forget quiet lunches with your boss' family or beginning the day with meditation. This child wants to climb every mountain and sail every sea. I know a little centaur and his parents try and try to have leisurely coffees by the seaside. But he has other plans that include running the entire length of the cafe and far beyond. You might as well put on those running shoes and join in.

Look up free-spirited in the dictionary and there's a photo of your little centaur. Don't confine him, neither with physical barriers or too many rules. You'll learn the hard way that he'll want to stretch his limbs and mind.

Thinking of homeschooling? Well, unless he has an earth sign in Mercury, forget classical education. This is an unschooling child for sure. And he'll love to hike, fish, climb, explore the great outdoors, and travel.

And you know that wonderful child honesty? Well, be afraid, be very afraid. The archer shoots it straight from the hip. He knows no other way but honesty - naked and brutal. So if you don't want the truth, don't ask. Unfortunately for you, you're going to get it whether you ask for it or not. This little one feels it's important to share the Truth.

How can you keep the arrows straight? Be logical and honest. Your requests will be under the scrutiny of the centaur's inquisitive processes. Unreasonable demands and 'because I said so's'are going to meet with chuckles. Don't say that I didn't warn you.

The desire to seek truth and their natural curiosity, will mean your days will be filled with 'but whys?'. Questions are the natural expression of this little seeker, as well as physical exploration.

Okay, so you realise now that free-spirited and freedom are going to amount to two things - bumps and bruises. The little archer isn't a clumsy child, it's just that not only is he everywhere, but he is also fearless. But don't smother him, just have plenty of band-aids and quick cuddles ready.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter , a planet of expansion. this means freedom and exploration of course, and also generosity. Your centaur toddler is generous with his smiles, giggles, cuddles, and more often than not, sharing his toys with other children.

And I would be shocked to find a finicky eater under this sign. The Sagittarian knows only one size for all of life - BIG. So keep those meal healthy otherwise weight could quickly become an issue. But do expect your little centaur to be generously proportioned anyway, at first in baby fat but later in muscle. After all he needs those strong limbs for climbing, running, hiking.....

Jupiter is the planet of optimism, so if you're down, look no further than towards this little one's exuberance for life. Drink it in, he is a bottomless pit of it.


  1. Goodness me...although a Libran, I had a good deal of the Sagg in me as a kid. I wonder if its because I have a Sagg ascendent?

    Cliffs were often involved. My poor parents.

    Oh and yes - do lock up your breakables. I still have to do that with my Sagg Bloke. LOL.

  2. Cliffs!!!!!?????!!!!


  3. Have been chuckling away at this and the previous post. Our darling daughter (2) is one and there's definitely never a dull moment in our house any more. At least she'll keep me fit!


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