Saturday, November 15

International Babywearing Week

We're in the middle of International Babywearing Week (12th-18th Nov).

I first discovered babywearing in our travels through South America, namely Bolivia and Peru. At the time, when having children couldn't be furthest from my mind, it was mostly merely a foreign curiosity.

Then one day, while pregnant and on bedrest and surfing the 'net, I saw a photo of an African mother wearing her baby. I recalled all those mothers back in Bolivia. I especially remembered how the little ones appeared content.

What really struck a chord with me was the harmonious movements between mother and child. They moved almost as one.

I knew I would never find a wrap over here, so I googled and found a lovely Scottish lass who mailed one over for me. I've never looked back since.

After the fiddly first tries, I soon became accustomed to the techniques, and even made up some myself (it was so hot here I had to improvise a belt type of carry).
Here we are at our first BBQ when she was around 3 months old.

Wearing her those first few months was amazing. As regular readers know she has sleep problems. I had no idea back then just how severe they would eventually become, but she was very restless for a newborn. In the wrap, she slept like a, well, like a baby. lol No matter how restless, agitated, or fussy she was feeling, once in the wrap she dozed off in minutes.

And living in a very hilly town, I love not having a pram to push around. All these mums here sweat and puff their way up and down the many stairs. Wearing her is so much more convenient.

Would I have done anything differently? Firstly, I wish we had taken copious amounts of photos in the wrap. I guess I was too busy walking and wearing. Secondly, I could have done with a 2nd wrap, one of those quick slip-on ones. I can see now that for quick trips to the shop or such, a really easy no-fuss sling would have been priceless.

Our next adventures will be trying a back carry, as she's no longer keen on the front wrap whilst around the house. But this style of wrap still feels really awkward to me... stay tuned for the misadventures....

Head on over to Adventures in Babywearing to share your own story, and perhaps even win a carrier from Nonny & Boo for your little one.

Find out more about babywearing week at Babywearing International.


  1. Great bwing post. I feel you on sleep issues. My little guy didn't sleep through the night till about 16 months and it was a rocky rocky road. He has been such a different creature than my daughter who slept through from 3 months.

    I love your colorful wrap.

    To answer your question about which carrier is which on my post - the striped carrier that I wear my daughter in on my back as well as my son is the Kozy carrier. The KKAFP is the yellow fleecey sling. I hope that helps.

    Have you thought about linking your e-mail to comments so that you can reply by e-mail? If you want to but don't know how check this out. I see you have an e-mail listed on your side bar. :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Thanks for returning with that Kelli, I'm going to check the Kozy out.

  3. I love baby wearing! I freaking hate pushing strollers around! We took a stroller the first time we visited Portland and the whole time I just wanted to chuck it in the dumpster, lol. We have been able to do so much with the kids on our back that we wouldn't have been able to do otherwise.

    I love your wrap- I have a maya sling made from the same material but I really regret not trying the moby wrap. It just looks like baby is molded to beautiful.

  4. I loved my wrap (I had a 'hug-a-bub' made here in Australia which I bought online). Such liberation compared to the dreaded stroller - well it was dreaded getting on and off Melbourne trams. So much easier getting out and about with a wrap.

  5. I saw you were interested in the Peekaru Steph has on her blog. Check here- I offer free shipping!

  6. I made a mei tai for back carries for my third and it was great. Much easier to get on and off than a wrap.

  7. I like your wrap, and that is such a precious picture of your little one!


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