Monday, November 24

Green Meme #2


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Green Meme #2

1. Do you use baking soda toothpaste or baking soda shampoo? If not, would you consider it?

I tried baking soda shampoo but it was too harsh on my hair. I have a whole post about how to try this. So I wash only once a week, and extra if I'm going 'out'. I alternate between a green shampoo and lemon juice + vinegar.

2. Do you make any home cleaning products?
Yes, all of them! I use baking soda, vinegar, and a few essential oils.
MyMIL visited and was baffled, then in awe, and finally won over with my vinegar + oils kitchen cleaner.

3. What is your top green issue at the moment?

Right now it's our bottled water consumption. It's burdening me more and more each day. I'm working on alternatives....

4. Given unlimited cash, what is on your green wishlist?

I love the idea of a 100% eco-home that was more than mud or straw.
I'm really bummed that our current house build isn't anywhere near as green as I had initially wanted it. If we were in the UK it would have been do-able, but over here we are so far from sourced materials or they are incredibly expensive, or we can't find a local who knows how to implement it or, or, or... *sigh* But we've done the best we can given the circumstances.

5. Have you implemented any new green act/behaviour/product this month?

I'm working on that bottled water issue. DIY Dad has been looking and in a chat with our plumber he may have found a good filtering system. Importantly, one that the plumber perfectly understands. He's looking into costs now. I'm chuffed! (happy)

I'm tagging, Kelli at Gohn Crazy, Judy at Full Freezer, and at the risk of bombarding her this week, Lisa at The Zahn Zone.


  1. Aren't baking soda and vinegar miracles? We have very hard water here, and it's chlorinated. If we owned our home I'd get a whole-house filter in a second!


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