Thursday, November 6

Dona Nobis Pacem

I don't believe that there will ever be peace in the world.


Sorry, I'm a realist, albeit an optimistic one. You see, humans are just too territorial, identify too much with their beliefs, and are too greedy. At any time, somewhere on our planet, there will be a war.

However, this doesn't mean significant change is impossible. You see, there are a small number of countries that can make changes that will affect the entire world. Most significantly of course, America.

Love them or loathe them , we all admit they have the most power. And with that comes control in two ways. Firstly, instill fear into the people. If they fear, they will come to accept the Top Man's cry for war. Secondly, have the financial stature to push other countries around - no need to convince them, they'll follow because you hold the purse.

The informed and intelligent of us know that American 'peace keeping' and wars are economically motivated and sustained. The ordinary citizen sees through the media what the Powers That Be want them to see - but They make you believe you live in Freedom.

I live in a country right now that endured a sanction. A country that had nothing to do with the conflicts. While the trouble-makers were a small rebel group, the rest of the world believed it was the entire government and the ordinary citizen who were behind 'atrocities'.

A country where the ordinary people had to line up for bread and oil, and those things were only available on certain days. Where there were no jobs, little hope, and nights were passed watching cross-fire in the distance. For what? For some Big Shots to line their pockets in a faraway land. War is big bucks, to the Big Shots.

So does a new president herald a time of peace? Many Americans seem to think so. I of course am too cynical (and to Aussie/British) to believe a politician. But I do know that he has the burden of living up to a certain ideal more than other presidents before him. If he doesn't deliver, it will be a historical time, but not as he probably hopes.

We will probably never see an end to all those little wars between small countries. But the big wars, the ones where billions of tax dollars/pounds are spent, instead of going towards health and education, the ones where countless lives are lost for nothing but a Big Shot's financial gain - those wars have a chance of disappearing.

I hope so, for every young person's sake. I hope the world has a chance.


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  1. I agree wholeheartedly.

    And it's the powerful who write and define history, and therefore claim righteousness. The everyday suffering of populations, (whether it's in the Balkans or Iraq...or...), gets forgotten in the midst of all this (hypocritical) righteousness.

    The American Empire has been heading for a steep decline, and whilst I think this moment is extraordinary and inspiring on may levels, it is a moment, and peace is constantly precarious, in every moment.

  2. As an American, I agree with you completely. War has always been fought by the poor and young men/women for the sake of the rich and old mens' pleasure. And I do mean "pleasure"--I believe to them it's nothing but a game much of the time (but not for all, there have been rich old men who knew better).

    Not all of us Americans are taken in by our government's propaganda. I hope the rest of the world knows that! We are all people, just the same.

    I too have taken this election moment to hope, dream, and envision a better more peaceful future. I too am a realist, but I do believe strongly in the power of our thoughts and visions. So we need to cling to the positive.

  3. Hey Lisa - have no fear, we not only know there are highly intleeligent and brilliantly cynical Americans over the pond, we count on you! :D

    And trust me, there are plenty of Brits who swallow the media's portrayals hook, line & sinker. Over in USA it's shadowed by patriotism, in UK, by apathy.

  4. I refuse to think that peace will never be possible!!

  5. I hope so, for every young person's sake. I hope the world has a chance/....That is my wish and my prayer as well. Well written and thought provoking post. Worldwide peace is an idealistic idea, I agree, but one worth hoping for.
    Thank you for being the first peace blogger from Montenegro. It is humbling to see so many countries expressing their views and flying a peace globe.

    Peace to you and yours,


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