Monday, November 24


At what age do they get the cheeky look? I thought 6 months was too young but the little Wildflower has had this look for at least since then.

It's a look that no longer cracks up at everything you say or do. I swear it seems she's thinking, "yeah okay, try a new one mum", or, "hello, do I look like I was born yesterday?"

Sometimes it just seems she's holding back a little, like, don't let your entertainer become over-confident, smirk thing she has going on.

Cool, she's nobody's fool, but sheeeeeesh, she's only 7-and-a-bit months, what the heck is yet to surface? And I'm going to need a whole new repertoire like, yesterday.


  1. Makes you smile doesn't it? Keep me on my toes.

  2. what a hoot, get used to 'what worked, doesnt' ;-)

  3. At least she's still too little to actually roll her eyes at you. I think my four-year-old already does that.

  4. The Eye Roll, THAT is what's next, *groan*

  5. oh YES! I thought I was imagining it at first when mine started doing that.

    Now I get the "oh dear, mum is being a bit silly again - what are we going to do with her?".

    It doesn't bode well for when I'm old.

  6. Is this the Ab Fab syndrome? lol


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