Monday, November 10

The Boy and the Nettles

A tale...

The Boy and the Nettles

A boy was stung by a Nettle. He ran home and told his Mother,
saying, "Although it hurts me very much, I only touched it
"That was just why it stung you," said his Mother.
"The next time you touch a Nettle, grasp it boldly, and it will be
soft as silk to your hand, and not in the least hurt you."


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  1. What a great story. I will keep that. My teacher always made us gather nettles with our bare hands, and so I always do. People look at me in awe when I don't bring my gloves! But then I get to teach them how it's done, and tell them that anyway if you do get stung it's good medicine.

    I absolutely love our plant ally, the stinging nettle!


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