Sunday, November 16

Banana muffin bread thingys

I'm not sure if banana muffins are supposed to turn out as muffiny (crumbly and light) as other muffins. My first attempt has turned out very dense. Although they are very tasty, they feel more like mini banana breads.

Thing is, '2 large bananas' is subjective, isn't it? I have the feeling that our large were very large and my eggs were on the smaller size.

And CUPS! Don't get me started on that measurement. Okay, is it a cup of sifted or unsifted flour? And is it a cup of flour that you add, shake down, and then add more, or not?
Give me good old accurate metric any day. I know I know, I mentioned before I don't do accuracy with recipes anyway. But if I have an accurate measurement from which to work with first, then I can not use it. *grin*

Oh yeah, and although I added the baking powder, I didn't add the baking soda. Yeah, alright, that might have been why they didn't rise enough. It was right at the back of the cupboard, at the very top. I just figured it was too much bother. I had recently stumbed my toe you know.

Mmmmmm, good for breakfast this morning though...


  1. My experience with banana muffins is rather like yours. They are quite dense and more like mini banana breads. I think it's just the nature of them. But they are oh so good.

  2. Yes, bananas have a lot of water in them, and you might have to increase the baking soda to get them fluffier.

    I usually just scoop the flour and then scrape it flat across with a butter knife to get a more or less accurate measurement. I never sift any more.

    But despite all that, those muffins look mighty good!

  3. Aha, so dense is good - with muffins anyway. :)

    Scoop and scrape. Got it.

  4. My mother, a fabulous homestead cook, never used sifted flour, in fact flour was flour, nothing fancy. She dipped her cup in and shook it "level".She never owned teaspoon/tablespoon measures either. She just pulled a spoon from the drawer, scooped up what she thought she needed, generally saying, "that looks like 1/2 a teaspoon".

    Of course, I learned to cook that way too and called the spoons, Big T and Little T, but despite not being very precise my mother is a fabulous cook and I'm coming along too.

  5. Hey ragamuffin.

    I'm like that too. Which is why I've come to baking very late, lol. I learnt the hard way that it's often very precise (like for baking bread), and that you need a good idea of this precision before you start experimenting. I started the other way around and have ahd many fun results lol.

    I STILL don't follow anything 100%, but I need a starting point with baking, so I know where I might be going wrong.

    It sure is fun.


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