Saturday, November 1

award, or how docwitch accidentally linked me

I've seen this award pop up here and there in the blogosphere, and I always thought it was given to those that knit, sew, or do creative things with glue and glitter. I do no knitting, etc, and what I do with glue doesn't fall under the heading of crafts.

But it seems 'kreative' is just what creative means to me - being open in your ideas and expressive in your thoughts, inspiring others, stimulating discussion.

Docwitch over at the Dark Side of the Broom mistakenly thoughtfully bestowed one on me. Aww, shucks Doc.

If I understand how it all works, I think I'm supposed to take my bows, nominate 6 other kreative bloggers and link them, leave them a comment at their blog to inform them that they've been honoured, and then share 6 things I love. ??

How to pick just 6 fab bloggers? I decided to choose from blogs I've discovered in the last few months. A few fellow mummys (or mommys to you North American types), a green foodie, and an arty one.

So here are 6 blogging types that I feel fit my description above: (will open in new window)

Maternal Mirth gives me many chuckles. A verbally creative mother.

The mummy at What Works for Us shares fun stories of her Toddler, and some gorgeous photos of her everyday life. I find them so inspirational and then feel totally crappy about my own efforts. (hmph, I might take this award back, boohoo no fair)

The Mama at Mama's Losin' It keeps me entertained and gives me a glimpse into life with daughters. *blink*

I always find a post that makes me thoughtful over at Anthromama. She shares her thoughts on life with her two children, anthroposophy/waldorf education, and as a copy editor, is able to offer up some tasty morsels.

C. Levine gives me meal ideas for when my own wildflower spurts into toddlerhood. Her Foodietots philosophy of eating local and sustainable are of course, right up my ladel.

And now for something completely different..... if you like your art a little quirky, folklorish and even unnerving, you just have to see what Rima does over at The Hermitage. And if you're interested by the unordinary life, delve into her stories of her wheeled home.

Suuuuuuu, 6 things I like. (I'm interpreting 'thing' loosely)

  1. Books - books, books, glorious books. I would have thousands more if I had the money. But my favourite books would have to be very old leather-bound thick tomes found surreptitiously at the back of a tiny old bookshop in Cornwall, England, whose owner is a little hunched, wearing a pointy hat and muttering to himself. You just know the book is going to reveal the secret incantation to open the portal to eternal youth.... or just some very cool recipes....
  2. When my daughter goes all trance-like from my kisses on her forehead.
  3. Boxes - empty or full, doesn't matter. Intricately carved wooden ones or cardboard, doesn't matter. I don't know *shrug* perhaps it's related to the what-an-old-book-might reveal-thing... hmmm... I sees a pattern.*
    * DIY Dad bought me a box that's made to look like a book - I almost wet myself.
  4. toast
  5. When you find something that you thought you had lost and had accepted it
  6. Libraries - NO I'm not cheating. It's not the same as books. I love the buildings that are often architecturally beautiful, the deep quiet, the learning and escapism taking place, and, oh yeah, the stuff they have on the shelves.


  1. aAwww thanks! Such a pretty award too. :) And now I want to go check out the other people you linked too.

  2. *blushing*

    I am always in awe that people actually find me funny. When I think I am being funny, my kids and Big D just stare blankly and I hear the faint chirping of crickets.

    THANK YOU :)

  3. Congratulations, you deserve it. I LOVE your blog, it's so varied. I really like how these awards link to other people as I find some really good blogs to read. I'm off now to blog surf.


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