Sunday, October 5


For many of us tradional herbalists, loving weeds is as natural as loving any other green friend. But for many others, the word 'weed' still has negative connotations, and too many gardeners view them as enemies to their plot.

For those readers today who are like the latter, here are a few good things about weeds that you may never have considered.
  • They bring minerals, especially those which have been depleted, up to the topsoil and make them available to other plants.
  • They are good indicators of the condition of the soil condition. Certain weeds appear when certain deficiencies occur.
  • As companion crops they enable other plants to get their roots to otherwise unavailable important nutrients.
  • Weeds make for good food, for us as well as for many animals. We forget that many weeds can be cooked and eaten similar to many vegetables.
  • Weeds have healing properties. Many weeds work like herbs and other plants that are considered to have medicinal porperties.
  • Remember, ‘weeds’ is just a term coined by humans to describe plants that are vigorous, hard to eradicate and control. Isn’t that something to admire?


  1. There are many, many "weeds" that are much loved by honey bees too. :) So leave those dandelions and clover, because the bees need them.

    Love your blog!

  2. Excellent point Ren.

  3. Just taking a minute to have a peek at your blogs. I am also a lover of weeds and have been for many years. I recently came across the wisdom of Susan Weed - her books are wonderful - and am now enjoying a daily quart of nettle infusion with great benefit to my energy levels. Always like coming across someone else who can appreciate all that "weeds" have to offer.


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