Wednesday, October 8

So much waste

Every year in the UK we throw away a staggering one third of all the food we buy. This is something that niggles my hubby and I. We can't stand seeing the waste from restaurants. But it's the waste from our homes that really piles up - figuratively and literally. And it's the one we can do something about.

Love Food Hate Waste – a campaign from WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) – highlights the fact that wasted food is a waste of money and a major contributor to climate change. And the most frustrating thing is that most of what we throw away could have been eaten – it's not just peelings, teabags and bones. The website provides delicious recipes to make the most of the food in our fruit bowl, fridge and cupboards, handy hints for storing food, surprising facts on what can be frozen and much more... there is something for everyone, whether you are a keen cook and organiser or more spontaneous.

Visit Love Food Hate Waste for more ways to love food and reduce our food waste.



  1. These are excellent ideas for reducing household waste! I often worry about the waste output my family generates, and that's even with a heightened consciousness of this issue.

    I'm aiming to start a wormfarm on our wee balcony, in the hope that this will reduce our kitchen waste. I'm used to having a big garden, so apartment living has presented its challenges in regards to this dilemma.

    Btw, I discovered your blogs as a result of a comment you left on mine. They are beautiful, and I really like the philosophy you convey. I'll be visiting on a regular basis, so thanks for dropping by and therefore alerting me to your presence in the blogosphere! It's great to discover like-minded souls on the ol' interweb.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment on Onegin. The film really is a work of art in itself. Another piece of art that came to mind, the first time I saw the film, was Sir Henry Raeburn's "The Reverend Robert Walker Skating".

    Your blogs and philosophies are lovely!

  3. docwitch -
    Hey there.
    A wormfarm is a great idea for dealing with waste, and brave for on a balcony! I think it's something I might do myslef when my little wildflower can join in.

    willow -
    Nice to see you here.
    And yes! to the Raeburn connection.


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