Tuesday, October 14


It's not like me to go for new-agey books, yet I found myself purchasing and reading Tolle's A New Earth.

Being present is the foundation for the book. His chapter entitled 'conscious parenting' obviously piqued my interest. It's a term I've been using about my parenting style.

His most important point is that we should let go of thinking we know best for our children and simply give them the space to just be.

As a conscious and attachment parent, I realise that I'm very present for my little wildflower. But I got to thinking how it's during the really challenging times that profoundly impact my baby.

This last week's night sleeping has been absolutely horrendous. Two nights ago she woke me every single hour! Sometimes just moving a lot, sometimes waking up totally, and sometimes wanting cuddles or walking about.

I was trying to get her back to sleep, when I started to ponder about presence (yeah, I'm weirdly philosophical like that, thinking at 3am).

Instead of trying to get her to do anything, instead of thinking about recent lack of sleep, or how horrible I was going to feel tomorrow, I let it all go. I just existed in the present moment. That's all there really is. Yesterday is gone and morning won't exist until it's already here.

It's not about being a super mother, a martyr, or highly enlightened. It's about accepting reality as it is. It's about surrendering to the only truth - the moment right now.

So under the light of a full moon, between floor shadows and cool night breezes, we cuddled, hummed, strolled, and I tried not to bump into every conceivable object danced to the sounds of night.

I think that this is the best I can give her - my presence in the most challenging moments.


  1. I have found that so many things- not even just parenting- is about letting go and letting it just be and happen and in-the-moment-present.

    But it's usually something that I forget all the time and must be reminded of way too often. If we could just practice it more often, then maybe it would come to mind easier. I need to focus on this more... great post.


  2. In our busy world, being present for our kids is tough, but being present for our kids is even harder during the most trying of times.

    Thanks for a great post!


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