Monday, October 27

Poineer week

Crunchy Chicken's current challenge is to live like Little House on the Prarie. No, not saccharin sweet moments, but going rustic. The challenge is to do it for a week - Nov 3rd to 10th.

It includes:

1. Make all our meals from scratch.

No problem. I do this 90% of the time, with occassional pick-ups from the local bakery.

Of course, what with the little wildflower not sleeping well, I might regret this. Hey, cheese on toast is from scratch, right?

But yes, this includes bread. I love homemade bread and have gotten out of the habit living in the apartment for now and having the baby.

2.Keep your energy usage low
Easy. Hubby is thrifty. Except he's terrible about leaving the telly on. Will work on that.
3. Conserve water.
Do it already.

4. Walk as much as possible.
Do it already.

5. Rethink our entertainment.
This means less TV (see point 2) and more.... scrabble, shadow puppets, talking to one another, and other dangerous pursuits.

6. Watch our wallet
Meaning spend the minimum and even buy nothing. (See point 2) And of course this fits well with my compacting challenge.


  1. Hello Mon. Thanks for keeping me updated with your blog. Love the new background.

    I have updated your listing in the Blogging Women" directory.

    Keep up the great work.

    PS - I love the old barn, wish I had one like that. It's a shame it had to come down

  2. No tv? I would have to stop there. How would I find out how Lost ends?
    I am with you on the bread though. Nothing like homemade. No formaldehyde or anti-fungal agents in my bread, please. They wonder why people get sick!?
    I think cheese on toast is a fine meal. :)

  3. I don't know how I would keep my husband away from the telly! Please keep us updated.

  4. I'm not sure about giving up TV. My comedy shows keep this mommy sane. But I respect your efforts and wish you well. Can't wait to find out how it all works out for you.

  5. lol @ all these telly heads. Well, this challenge is only for a week, so I think we can survive with TV for that long (she's says with infinite optimism).


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