Wednesday, October 15

My Blog Action Day post

I stay clear of politics, mostly because that is not an interest of mine, and partly because there are infinite number of better writers on the subject. But it's blog action day, and it's mainly about poverty, so rants are acceptable today...

As a parenting blogger, I want to focus on the children around the world.

Just how is it humanly possible to be so rich as nations and yet have so many thousands of children around the world dying a slow death because they haven't enough to eat?

Here is one reason I can think of:

World military expenditure in 2006 is estimated to have reached $1204 billion in current dollars.
The additional cost in current dollars required to achieve water and sanitation for the entire world is around $9 billion.

Yes, that's the entire world.

If a government can keep its people in a state of fear, by convincing them that other nations are simply waiting to attack, they will succeed in spending billions on defence, without any protest from the masses.

I remember watching Bowling for Columbine, and what stood out for me was this state of fear under which Americans seem to live.

Around the world, some 26,500 children die every day.
Number of children in the world: 2.2 billion
Number in poverty: 1 billion (every second child)

Are you okay with that? Do those large numbers numb us into complacency? Watch videos such as the one I posted a few days ago, where you can see individual children in their pain. We need to do this, so that we aren't blinded by the snow of statistics.

That is equivalent to 1 child dying every 3 seconds. How many little lives have ended as you've read this post?

How can so many Americans spend so much time honouring the dead from Sep 11, but turn their backs on those dying now, every single day?

It seems like a world of blockbusters. Where a phenomenal disaster on your own footstep warrants attention. But the slow undramatic deaths of little children on the other side of the world just isn't inspiring enough. The above statistic, equivalent to an Iraq-scale death toll every 15–36 days, is not news-worthy.

And fear is the job of governments - make the people believe their personal freedom is really at stake, that war is essential, that anything less is unpatriotic, and they have your cash.

10.6 million died in 2003 before they reached the age of 5 (same as the child population in France, Germany, Greece and Italy)

We can't ignore this just because it lacks the drama of hurricanes or terrorist attacks. We can't believe ourselves to be good people of we remain in our comfort zones of only local community and only national issues, and silent on the rest of the world's pain.

“We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people,”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Please don't remain silent and in apathy.
national center for children in poverty
compasion international
world vision
oxfam get involved

Are you of low-income? You can still donate via internet free incentives:

free rice
the hunger site
Indian hunger site

And if you're the kind of person that is really active on these issues, consider letting your government know that you're not okay with military expenditure.

Other active options:
Habitat for Humanity
Holt International

And something poverty driven:
Gulu Walk


  1. indeed. it's a sad state.

    i do love the freerice site. :) i try to visit everyday, and donate at least a thousand grains. also put up the banner on my blog. :)

    saw this post via the front page of blog action day. it's great that you're participating. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to visit any time!

    I've been meaning to place a link to the Hunger Site on my blog for some time. Your post reminded (inspired?) me to fix that.


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