Wednesday, October 29

house shots (i)

1- workshop before. The man we bought the land from was born here, so was his father. We call it the workshop as he was using it as such.

2- the workshop, during. He asked us to keep it, semtimental reasons. So we are building the house against it and creating a doorway. But it needs total renovation.

3 - the view towards what will be the entrance. That's our neighbour's roof on the right. And the well centre bottom.

4 - the view towards the back. What we'll see from our future kitchen. It'll do me.


  1. Mon that is absolutely stunningly beautiful! I weep with envy. What a sublime view, and an extraordinary environment. I dream of raising a child in a place like that.

    *Staggers around with stunned mullet expression*

  2. ah, 'stunned mullet', I've not heard that in a long time, lol.


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