Sunday, October 26

house & hog

The old barn is coming down, stone by back-breaking stone (that's DIY Dad's back). I feel a little sad seeing it dismantled. It's not like we were life-long friends, I've only known it for a year. But it had such a rustic charm to it, and it had served a few generations of one family.

But when you're homesteading, you don't have the luxury of keeping old stone barns simply for their charm. I am more saddened at having to lose a very old grapevine.
So the stone will be used for the house we're building. In fact, the stonemason should be starting as soon as the stone is ready for him.

Remember the wild boars scrounging on our land? Well, it's hunting season up in these parts and a group of hunters literally stumbled upon our land (the fencing and stonewalling isn't up yet) with their kill. It's look like Barry the Boar won't be scrounging anymore.

Note: this isn't sport hunting, the men will feed their families.
Still, we're softies when it comes to any animal. It was a clean kill at least.

Ah, mountain village life...



  1. That is one very cute stone barn! But, building a house with the stones sounds wonderful. A lot of work undoing it all I imagine.
    Hope you post some pix, I'd love to see how you go with it. This is something I dream of myself.

    Poor Barry. But, well...he looks as though he has had some very good piggy days.

    Also, I hope you're getting a better sleep with the Wildfllower. I do know your pain, and have to agree, co-sleeping did make it a lot easier than it could have been.

  2. What a charming stone barn! That's really neat that you will be reusing the stone for your home. I'd also love to see progress pictures.

  3. Doc - sleep is worsening. I no longer think it's me sitting ehre typing away...

    Lisa - I'll keep y'all progressed...ermmm...updated.

  4. I love that barn! Too bad you have to get rid of it...


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