Friday, October 31

Friday Fact

Viral Marketing

Definition: Any orchestrated word-of-mouth marketing, including the practice of using children to advertise products to their friends.

• Adult marketers sometimes enter chat rooms frequented by children in order to promote new products, movies, or television shows.

• Marketers use popular kids, often giving them free merchandise, to market products to other children.

• One marketing company, the Girl’s Intelligence Agency, specializes in slumber parties that are used to market products to girls.


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  1. It's Brave New World stuff isn't it? I find it absolutely repulsive, and something to be alert to on all sorts of levels.

    For instance, it happens (to some degree) in schools too where children have things promoted to them, and are given free bits and bobs some of which I am horrified about, yet many feel that it's harmless. I often question myself and ask whether I'm being reasonable.

    My little girl was given a goodie bag when she started school, with bookmarks and all sorts including free samples of what I would classify as junk food. For instance the ubiquitous Kraft 'cheese' sticks. We just don't buy that fake, plastic, scary food substitute.
    We didn't say anything to our daughter about it, but fortunately she decided for herself that it all tasted fake and 'yucky'.

    A lot of this direct marketing potentially disempowers parents. It's really intrusive and manipulative.

    Sorry - that was a rant. I am disturbed by it.


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