Thursday, October 30

don't turn back the clock

If you haven't come across the latest thing doing the blogosphere rounds, then you have to give this a try. Especially if you're a mother whose time to herself is precious and very limited.

So this is me as a 1952 dame. You know, after my father cut off my waist-long hair, I think I sported this hairdo for a year or so.

1954. This is just not okay folks.

1960: children, please pay attention! I'm not one of those photogenic folks. I really don't need the assistance of such programs.

1978: you know, I think I could pull this one off.

And the real me...with the wildflower.


  1. You're most beautiful as the real you! Cool thing, though.

  2. I love this!! So cool! I'm going to give it a try myself....

  3. I love this. It's hilarious -I tried this a while ago, and reckon that 1982 was my scariest hair year.

    Btw - I just gave you a little award thingy.

  4. Awww Lisa (your cheque is in themail)

    mb - hey chook, good to see you!

    patch - it's a good laugh. I put DIY D ad through and it was funnier. But he won't let me display him to the world, boo

    Hey doc, to look.


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