Wednesday, October 22


Compacting is the idea of not buying anything new (consumables aside) for a specified time. I've been doing this for a year now but only recently discovered online groups commited to these challenges.

So I thought I'll join in to keep me inspired and perhaps even inspire others by spreading the word. Also, my efforts were informal and I did buy some new items. But joining with a pledge will have me more determined to recycle, reuse, freecycle, barter, borrow, steal, mend, make.

Now before you nod your head in support, but shake your head violently at the thought of participating, let me put at least one of your worries to rest.

One aspect of this initiative that I appreciate is that it follows my own non-extremist mindset. The pledge to not buy new allows each pledger to include their own exemptions. Each to their own. Your conscience, comfort levels, willingness, needs, wants, etc, direct your efforts.

There's even an 'oops' button for any slips. The idea is to make an attempt, and to support one another, not to enforce some stringent ideal.

So, my own pledge:

In the interest of green living, I pledge to not buy new for 12 months. I feel that not buying new products is one of the biggest impacts I can make as an eco-consumer. There are so many wonderful green, organic, and ethical products out there, but let's face it, they still have had to be produced.

Just not buying will reduce the eco-load on my earth, my immediate environment, my purse, and my uncluttered home.

I have not bought new for 3 months now, let's say August 1st for official purposes, so have 9 months to go. Although as we will going to a real homestead in 6 months, I hope that this pledge will be even easier to accomplish and continue (even if a little looser) indefintely.

I have bartered and been given so many baby items and haven't bought any new clothes for a year already.

My exemptions include; most birthday presents. Where I live I don't have the luxury of charity/2nd-hand shops. Although I will not buy new when I can.
Baby items I deem essential (teething ring, etc).
Necessary homesteading equipment to get us started.

Find out more at We Don't Buy It and at The Compact.

Are you a regular visitor here, or totally new? Let others know about your compacting efforts, by linking to your compacting pledge post.
I will update on my misadventures monthly and hope you will join me in sharing the same.



  1. I've been thinking about doing this for a while now. I might try it over summer for a couple of months, and take it from there.
    It's not that far from how we live at the moment. Although I would have to curb my fabric buying! It sounds like success lies in planning ahead and mindfulness. I'd really like to hear how you go with this over a longer period of time, and where the challenges are.

  2. Yes, join me! I think that in the times and society most of us live, just 2 weeks of buying nothing new can be a challenge. Doing it for any number of months is worth it.

  3. Hey, your blog is VERY interesting, and I´m glad I can read it.

  4. There's the comment form. WIPING BROW!

    Thanks for visiting my site and commenting. Thank you for the words of encouragement.

    I know I am able to do this BUT getting my husband and 4 kids on board is going to be difficult.

    I am going to start myself and maybe they will see the example I am setting. I look forward to reading your updates and I hope you read mine.

    Have a lovely weekend.
    Michelle :)

  5. Welcome green womyn.

    Supermom - I look forward to it!


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