Friday, October 31

calculating baby's age

I've calculated the little wildflower's age by lunar months up till now. This means that as she was born on a Thursday, every Thursday is another week. So every 28 days is another month. You with me?

I've been googling and reading similar discussions out there. Most centre on what you say to people - weeks or months. But that wasn't my confusion. I say months, but calculate by week.

I would have had her at 7 months yesterday; being 28 weeks. But she was born on the 17th, so I will now revert to calendar months. Making her 7 months old 17th November. That's a whole 2.5 weeks away! It's a little weird.

But it seems most people, including doctors, stop calculating by weeks quite early - as early as 3 months. But for a baby at this age, a couple of weeks makes a difference developmentally.

I find it surprising that there isn't a rule to go by, or at least guidelines or even common practice. Especially for something so integral to developmental goals. The few baby books I have make no mention of this.

Anyway, I've decided that after 6mths we can go by the calendar.

I'm interested to know how you did/do it. And at what age you switched over. Or what your friends/family did.


  1. My baby was nearly three weeks late, and came out quite perky and robust - a little more ripe for the world. So in a way, I figure she was almost two weeks old by the time she arrived, and she smiled very early, so there may be something to that...

    But I must say, I did the lunar week calculation in my head but did the conventional calculations with everyone around me.
    I got sick of trying to explain and then getting the "she's a bit odd" responses. It makes sense to me though, especially when they're so little.

  2. Is that your baby? How adorable!

  3. I did it by weeks until each child was 3 months then I switched to months.


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