Tuesday, September 30

Back carry spit-up

So after wearing the Little Pear on my front for almost 6mths, I considered trying her on my back. What an experience!

I looked at the videos on youtube and the instructions on this site. I was theoretically prepared and full of casual enthusiasm. The women on the videos made it look easy, no problem.

Well! I fumbled, almost dropped her (I was on a bed mind you), got tangled, couldn't reach around properly, and strained my back. Little pear had a great time thinking the craziness was all a new game.

So I finally get her into the rucksack hold, look in the mirror and see she's about to topple out at any time. I also realise that my hair is in her face, and that I had completely forgotten she still has a runny nose (back mucus...ech).

We are both cracking up at the sight of us - she oblivious that it's not supposed to be like this. I had to take a photo. The light was bad and I was trying not to drop her so they are terrible pics, but a record of events nonetheless.

I put down the camera and before I could complete the sentence, "let's get you out of this munchkin." she proceeds to sick-up, and as she is toppled sidways it works itself neatly down my arm, torso and leg. That's what jiggling a baby for half an hour achieves.

On the bright side, the spit-up did not land right on my back and in my hair, and I managed to entertain a baby for 30 minutes.

I don't know who these mothers in the instructions are, but I'm highly suspicious of their successes. I say, they have someone hold the baby and help bring the wrap around, and then they take the photo to make it look like they did it alone. All just to make you and me feel like a right twit. Okay, perhaps just me?

Any tips?



  1. yes, it is a challenge with a young baby! I waited until my little one was about 9 months for the back carry and it was much easier and I felt safer putting him in. Also I used a mei tai style carrier at first on the back and then moved on to a wrap- got the basic down and moved on to the more complicated. best!!

  2. Thanks Jess. Perhaps I'll wait a little longer. She's 6 months now, but she's still happy in the front carry.

  3. Checking out your archives on babywearing...

    Man, I had this exact same experience...I saw the video on the same website, it looked so easy! We tried it a few different times, and I never got him in securely. I ended up using a mei tai when he was 5 months old, for the back carries.

  4. Lisa, I'm waiting on a new carrier which is a Napsack mei tai. We'll see how that works!


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