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Holistic Mama Blogroll

We are Holistic Mamas

Are you a holistically minded mother (or father!)?

A holistic parent attempts to include the mind, body, and spirit into their own and their child's lives.
It's not about being crunchy. You can be crunchy and not holistic, and you can be holistic and not crunchy.

Holistic means considering the development of MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

If you fit at least three of the descriptions below, I'd love to add you to the blogroll.
  • your blog includes peeks into your life with your children or your work with children
  • you are spiritual
  • you are health conscious
  • you are eco-conscious
  • you grow your own produce or cook organically/healthy
  • you and possibly your child/ren do yoga, meditate, or something similar
  • you are nature-orientated with your child/ren
  • you practice gentle discipline
I will admit blogs at my discretion.
You must include the button on your site to be listed - it's all about link love.

Just copy the html code below and paste it into a html blog widget.


Just post a comment below with a link to your blog. And include a few lines about why you're a holistic mama or papa.


  1. I'm a holistic mama because:

    - I'm health conscious. I recently started incorporating more whole foods into my diet and hope to encourage my son to do the same thing as he grows older by observing what Mummy does.

    - I'm eco-conscious. I bring my own reuseable bags and kleen kanteen bottles.

    - I've started doing yoga at home and my son has also started copying a lot of yoga moves from watching me.

    - When my son is older, I plan to take him hiking and rock climbing so he can learn to appreciate nature and what it has to offer.

    I have a blog that I write in about raising my son using various aspects of attachment parenting, baby wearing, co-sleeping, natural infant hygiene, baby sign language, and non-violent discipline.

  2. Well, I think that's all my blog is about sometimes - my parenting journey and the spiritual awakening children bring with them - ready or not. I'm about to grow my own produce (when the heat ceases to be oppressive) and I am definitely a spiritually focused person in general. I'd love to be added.

  3. I just realised that I maybe I am a 'holistic mama' after all. Or at least, I aspire to embrace these principles in the way I live and parent. I don't always get there, but I try, and all those descriptions apply with varying degrees.


  4. Sou uma Bruxa EcoFeminista. Taróloga. Herborista. Aprendiz de artesã. Jardineira. Feiticeira. Nasci na Colômbia e moro no Brasil.
    Soy una bruja ecofeminista pagana. Tarotisa,herborista, jardinera, mamá, traductora. Nací en Bogotá, Colombia y hoy vivo en Brasil.

    I'm a holistic mama!

  5. Sorry!!!



  6. I love your new blog! How did you create your button? I'll def add it. :) I think everything but the yoga fits. I love yoga but I don't enjoy actually doing it. Go fig! ;)


  7. :/ I can't seem to get the whole code. It's going off the page.


  8. Should be okay, still slightly off but I can copy it.

  9. Can I come play too? I'm definitely a spiritually minded and driven person. While not doing traditional meditation at the moment, I used to, and still think I find it through crafting. I still do regualr reiki though. I try to make as little impact on the earth and food chain as possible, though this is definitely work in progress.

  10. Sure Carin, grab the badge/button.

  11. should be okay to post now

  12. I stuck your button on my blog because it is about my child and our lives as a family, because I do enjoy Yoga, we do our best to be eco-concious and take our own bags, the child was cloth nappied, bf'd til I was forced to go back to work when he was 2.5, and between his Christian mother, and his Pagan stepfather, he's learning a lot about the world around him and his place in it. He always has been gently disciplined, it didn't occur to me to do it any other way.

    And I want to be an holistic mother, teacher and person.

  13. I want to join too. :) Now that my blog is taking a little different direction and not all about crafts, I think I fit in with pretty much everything above. I'll put the button on my blog and you can let me know if its ok. :)

  14. Oh, us too! We are organic, eco-conscious, natural products using, garden growing, local foods eating, CSA joining, meditating yoga practicing, gentle parenting, unschooling, nature oriented, family. :) Denise

  15. Don't think I ever remembered to tell you I added your button! whoops


  16. Hello - I added your link/button to my blog. Not sure if I am suppose to comment here..please check out my blog.

  17. I think I fit the profile....I would love to link your blog to mine either have much to share.

    Oh, this feels weird...

    ~brightest blessings~

  18. I added your button to my blog because I too am a holistic mama. I fit all profile characteristics. love this!
    -Lisa ;)

  19. I have also added your button to my blog. I answer 'yes' to all the above questions and am proud to be a fellow holistic mama! Your blog is truly lovely.

  20. Hi Mon,
    I'd love to add your button to my blog. Let me know if you agree that my blog fits your criteria, and I'll add your button.

  21. I am a holistic mama of 3 who gardens, practices attachment parenting, does yoga, and is healing her son's Autism through holistic and natural means focusing on eliminating toxins in our environment and his body! We believe in healthy foods (preferably home grown!) for our children and being kind to our Earth, and we look each day for new ways to do both!! I blog to share our story with others and to provide HOPE that healing can happen when you have a child with Autism and to encourage others to clean up their diets, their homes, and their Earth! I share natural cleaning, pesticides, cooking, gardening and the biomedical protocol and dietary changes we've done with our son. I added your button to my blog!

  22. Wow, this list has grown since the last time I looked at it! I think I fit all the descriptions except the yoga/meditation, although I really want to start that up again.

    We recently bought a house and everything we've planted in the yard is edible.

    My blog definitely includes peeks into life with my child!

    We are working on reducing our waste, we compost, recycle everything we can, and generally try to be eco-conscious.

    I'm definitely health-conscious--spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

  23. Belatedly, I've finally got a link to this. :)

  24. Oops - should have added that I'm a holistic mama, I think, because I'm a child-led, baby-led-weaning, intuition-encouraging, babywearing, breastfeeding-supporting, accepting-the-chaos, happy-mess-is-better-than-miserable-tidiness crunchy-granola hippy. :)

  25. I'm definitely a holistic mama! We are definitely spiritual, waldorf loving, attachment parenting, nature lovers, all things nature from making my own cleaning supplies, using natural meds or eastern practices, and parenting, eco-conscious, studied aromatherapy, trained doula, recycle, reuse, freecycle, bf'ing, babywearing, organic co-oper's, started my own garden, baking, love yoga, meditating, learning about homesteading and ALWAYS LEARNING...whew!

  26. This is a fun site! I love your holistic mama button! We have raised our 3 boys in "attachment parenting" style, since birth, we love nature and are happiest when we are out in it! We are loyal food bank volunteers and we live in our "bus". We are living our dream, seeing a little more of the USA and enjoying our boys while we are all young-ish. We strive to be eco-friendly, although living in a bus has its own set of challenges! I practice Yoga and the boys have taken classes, I have blogged about their yoga several times.

  27. Hi Mon, I'd love to be added to your list of holistic mamas. You'll find me at

    Blessings, Shirl xxx

  28. I have borrowed your button after saying yes to all your questions:-)

    Thank you for a lovely idea...

    Starr at Earth Mama

  29. I would love to add your button to my site...
    We share many of the same philosophies, according to your questions! :)

    Thank you, Mon!!


  30. I'd love to add your button to my page. I said yes to several of the things listed and am looking to become 'more' so every day.

    thanks so much!

  31. i'm not sure if in actuality i am a Holistic Mama, but i aspire to be. might i have a go?

  32. I am definitely a holistic mama. I try to keep life simple for my little one. We have simple, natural toys. We do lots of art and music activities. We grown some fruits and veggies in the garden each year. I love making handmade gifts. We do yoga and so much more.

    Here is a link to my blog:

  33. Hi! I love your blog--found it via 'Gentle Mothering' and would to be included!
    We are a gentle parenting, spending as much time in nature, moon sign following, and more family.....
    Can't wait to read more from you!

  34. Found you through Cam's Blog (Journey Wildly). Always happy to find other mamas who spend time outdoors, creating, playing, meditating and practicing yoga with their children!

    Grabbing your button now.


  35. I've added your button to my blog, Another Way. This is such a new endeavour of mine that it only has two entries! I started yesterday.

    I'm blogging to try and track my own adventure through the crazy, baffling, uplifting, grace filled, spiritual exchange of energy that is parenthood, with my gorgeous teacher/toddler, Cloud.

    We do chakra meditations, yoga and open our wings together and spend as much time outdoors, making music, reading and crafting as possible.

    My blog is

  36. Hi, would I be able to be added please? I am a holistic mama; feel free to take a look. My page is xx

  37. Hello! It is wonderful to find you. We are a family of holistic-minded individuals. We raise our own animals and grow as much of our own food as we can. We use only alternative healing therapies including herbs, homeopathy and non-interventive diagnostic techniques such as muscle-testing (kinesiology-based). Through the use of natural treatments, one of our children has been rescued from Autism and is now an intelligent, communicative 6-year old. We are a homeschooling family and love natural learning. I am definitely adding your button to my blog at


  38. Hi Mon, was just curious and found myself reading the list above. Never thought of myself as an Holistic Mama before but as I can answer yes to every point on the list I guess I must be!
    I'm not usually a fan of labels but I will display my Holistic Mama badge with pride :) ...if you'll accept my blog that is ;)

  39. Hello, I would be delighted to be a part of your holistic moms blogroll. I am a new blogger, but a longtime holistic lifestyle nut. I am told by others that I am a free spirit, but I always wonder if there is any other way to be. I nursed on demand with my babies and practiced child-led weaning, and also co-sleeping with infants. I guess I follow the attachment parenting philosophy, but it is what feels natural to me, it is not just some theory. I am a mystic and don't identify with any religion though I borrowed teachings from many. I am very health- and eco-conscious, too. My two blogs are at and

  40. I love your blog and am happy to be a holistic momma. I fit all of your criteria for a holistic momma.

  41. my family has called me an earth mama ever since my son was born 5 years ago. i bf on demand until he was about 3 years old, we practice ap although didn't know it had a name until later. we also practice positive discipline, go to a homeopath and traditional osteopath instead of 'regular' doctors. we are non-vaxing, tried to cloth diaper, organic food eating, kept our son intact and delayed pre-school kind of family who found a progressive elementary school to attend. i also love to garden and we live on an island with no cars or billboards or strip malls every summer. my blog is about health and wellness. i share recipes, links to articles, websites or other places in an attemt to share what others have shared with me. i look forward to checking out the other holistic mamas and hope you consider me one as well.

  42. Hello: Thanks for adding my Everyday Miracles blog to your list. I should also mention that I have another blog as well, where I focus in on raising a sensitive child as a holistic momma.

  43. I'm a holistic mama! I am a healer, medium and therapist, and also Fair Trade-keen, organically-green in every aspect I can be!

    My children are my world and I want them to grow up naturally, healthily with a love and respect for the world and its inhabitants.

    We love crafting, gardening, walking, reading, music, baking...anything that warms the soul!

    We're at:

    Love & light xxx

  44. hi, i believe i am a holistic mama.
    i practice ap/gd and blog about raising my two young kids.

    i am an animal communicator and i use shamanic journeying practices in my own life, to help my children, to help others.

    we try to eat mostly local and organic.

    we use cloth diapers, cloth wipes, and cloth in the kitchen (napkins, unpaper towels, and so on).

    i usually make my own cleaning products.

    i chose homeopathy and chiropractic for most of our healing needs.

    we had our first vegetable garden this year!

    i am all about peace, love and joy and trying to pass those priorities on to my kiddos.

    my blog:

  45. I'm a holistic mumma because I homebirth, am an attachment parent, use gentle discipline, work on our urban homesteading, have a feminist critique, raise consciousness for social justice, have a reverence for nature, and we're an unschooling family :)

  46. I think that I answered yes to all questions, wow. Definitely eco-concious, my littlest makes sure everyone knows the importance of recycling-everywhere we go! We try and make most things that we need around here, when my kids were in diapers they were cloth, breastfed, to some it up yes I fit into this group. My blog is relatively knew, I felt as though I had lots to say even if it was read by no one but me. Anyway love reading your posts.

  47. Oh I forgot to add

  48. Hi, I would like to 'reapply' to be included in your holistic parent bloglist, as I was previously included with my former blog 'Musings from a Mystic Earth Mama'. Obviously, that blog is now taken down, but my new blogs are going strong. Here is my original statement:

    "Hello, I would be delighted to be a part of your holistic moms blogroll. I am a new blogger, but a longtime holistic lifestyle nut. I am told by others that I am a free spirit, but I always wonder if there is any other way to be. I nursed on demand with my babies and practiced child-led weaning, and also co-sleeping with infants. I guess I follow the attachment parenting philosophy, but it is what feels natural to me, it is not just some theory. I am a mystic and don't identify with any religion though I borrowed teachings from many. I am very health- and eco-conscious, too."

    My two new blogs are at

    Sorry for the inconvenience about changing blog addresses. It was a necessary change, but I am still blogging away.

  49. Mon~

    May I have this button to add to my Blog? Although I am new to the Blogging..I stride to live Holistically in every possible aspect.

  50. As I move through my days, I watch, I listen, I feel and I learn.
    I love with an open heart
    I am helping to heal this earth in small but honest ways
    I respect good food and how it heals my soul and those that I cook for
    I carry my child, I sleep with her, I learn with her
    Yes...I consider myself a Holistic mama

  51. Hello Mon!

    May I add this button to my blog? It's a reminder of both who I am and what I aspire to be : )

  52. I'm not sure how to pick apart my life to define what makes me a holistic mama. My life is my parenting and my Spirit and my gardening and my reading and my friends and family. Perhaps that alone is my definition :)

  53. I am a holistic mama! :)

    I have two young boys (2, 3), my older son has PDD-NOS. we make healthy delicious gfcf meals, heal naturally, + no vaccines! local, organic, and hand made always come first! Lots of art and creativity in our home. Intend to live more and more sustainably & protect the earth!

    Spiritually, I consider myself a buddhist-mama!

    I am working in a reggio-emilia inspired preschool and in college to attain my child development degree, with the intention on taking a waldorf or other child-centered, creative & nature-celebrating approach to early learning.

    we walk places a lot too!

  54. Hey Mon, welcome back! We've missed you! Can i nick a badge for the new blog at ?

  55. Hey Mon. Thanks for viewing my page. Can I join the holistic mamas?

  56. I think I live in an Holistic Mama bubble :) I'm gently parenting a little homebirthed nature baby who inspires me daily to live the life I've always been drawn to. We've started growing our own food, I do yoga and meditate when I can. I am trying my very best to 'be the change'!

  57. I'm a Holistic Mama because I view my role with my children is to treat them as whole developed people with naturally healthy bodies, minds and spirits.

    I use gentle discipline, my blog involves my children, I grow my own food and make herbal medicines, I'm spiritual, health conscious, eco-conscious and we live in the country.

    I really like your blog- thanks for sharing!

  58. I truly am a holistic Moma...I am researching and working towards becoming a Holistic Coach! I grabbed your badge!

  59. May I post a button on my blog?

    I believe in following life as naturally as possible, and loving every minute of it.

  60. I would like to add your button as well. I would consider myself a holistic mama! I fit most if not all of the criteria. Thanks!

  61. After being inspired by your site, and many others I have a relatively new blog, but I think I fit all your criteria. I've posted a button on my blog!

    Polly X X

  62. I have added your button to my blog and I would love to be included in your blog roll. I am an Aromatherapist and I blog about health, aromatherapy, natural cleaning and gardening and so on.

    My husband is a Naturopath, and we live a holistic and eco friendly life. We recycle, cook from scratch, re-use, believe in the body-mind connection. We get our children involved so that they learn to care for environment as well as for their health. We want them to make good choices in life. The children are taking a big part in our gardening this year, they are responsible for many of the vegetables..

    I hope to be part of your community.

  63. I stumbled across your site through another blog I read - and found your 'Through the key hole', sadly I can't join in with the kitchen window theme as my view is not inspirational, but I wondered if I might be almost(almost - coz I am sure life obscures boundaries) a Holistic mama - we grow our own fruit and veg, keep hens, are 2 confirmed veggies and 2 borderline lapsing occasionally carnivores, we have two sons, who were unplanned and who subsequently unexpectedly turned our lives around for the better.
    I craft when I can, garden when the weather lets me, we walk and talk and love, we would love to have more space to be able to be more self sufficient and to live the life we would love to give our boys but life and economic constraints have a nasty way of preventing that - but we can dream :)
    I would love to put your holistic mama on my blog, but - only with your permission !

  64. Love this!

    Hi there!

    New follower! I'm a green mama too!

    I would love if you would come and visit my blog and become a new follower :)

    Have a great day!

    Featured Spotlight Blogger for Mommies Faves

  65. i strive to be a holistic mama... i am new to motherhood. hubby and i make our own bread, wine and salsa, and grow a large garden, and run our car on vegetable oil. i wear dreads, and love God with heart, soul and mind. i pray and read the Bible with our seven-month-old son. i would be honored to bear your holistic badge. peace, e.

  66. All of the above!!! My artist + mom blog takes a back seat to everything else, but I'm loving every minute with my now 3 yr-old son. Love finding your blog and will visit again...and again.

  67. What a beautiful and inspirational blog. I am a holistic mama. Most of the above requirements apply to me and on the days they don't ... well I will always be holistic at heart. Will be reading along to learn how to be a better one, thank you!

  68. jost so you know I added your button to my fledgling blog, you can view it at

    Thank you all!

  69. Hi there!

    My name is Denise, and I have a brand-new blog called This Holistic Life. I would love to be on your blogroll. Please let me know if I'm approved, and I'll add the button. Thank you!

  70. I'm a holistic mom! I'm health and eco conscious, grow my own food (though, garden space is limited now), and practice gentle parenting.

  71. Your button is now on my blog, and I would love to be added to the blogroll. The name of my blog is Witch Mom, and its link is

    I am def. a holistic mama!

    Thanks for doing this!

  72. Hello, I would like to be included and will be adding the HM badge right now.

  73. I'm pretty sure I'm a holistic mama. We are an unschooling family, practice gentle human-focused parenting, and live our faith in a conscious manner.

    Please feel free to visit my blog Moo Said the Mama to learn more about my mothering journey and my family's life.

  74. i shall be a turtle no more - no more hiding or fear - so no more TurtleOak.

    no i shall be a holistic mama - loving all the wee ones with glee and speaking and owning my own magic :}

    i am now blogging at:


  75. I am a holistic mumma to my 2 children, my youngest diagnosed with autism. I feed my family organically, seasonally and localy. We grow some our own produce and I have set up a permaculture garden at my daughters school where I teach young impressional minds in environmental studies. I am a horticulturist, permaculturist and now study naturopathy to fufill a longtime desire. I'm not perfect but I am always learning. I would love to be accepted on your beautiful blog :)

  76. i am a holistic mama beause i am health conscious. because i am a medical doctor for natural methods, i am a yoga teacher doing yoga and i hope soon also with my little boy, that means also i am spiritual.
    i have a blog that is new, but mostly i am writing about the journey of my motherhood. i practice as you can also read sometimes in my blog, gentle is part of my philosophy with carrying the child much, co-sleeping and breastfeeding and for sure much love!
    so that´s it for the first time, much love,

  77. Hi again. :)

    It finally dawned on me that I was supposed to add your button first, and THEN ask to be added to your list. Doh!

    Button is now present and accounted for. My blog has been up and running for about two months now. I write about holistic living, natural parenting, wellness and nutrition, simplicity, and other good stuff.

    My older three kids are grown and out of the house, but I still have my unschooling 8-year-old son at home.

    You can check it out at


  78. I am a holistic mama of 2 who gardens, practices attachment parenting, does yoga. I am Doula,
    After being inspired by your site, I think I fit all your criteria. I've posted a button on my blog!
    my blog


  79. Hi Monica, I recently started a blog called Mothering Meditations at I am definitely holistically minded as I believe life is so much more than the physical world in which we live and people are more than the bodies in which we inhabit. I strive to nourish my children in body, mind and spirit - and impress that upon other mothers as I can. My new blog is designed to encourage and inspire mothers to be the best they can be for themselves and by extension for their children and everyone else they interact with.

  80. Hello....

    My blog is I am holistic mama of one toddler boy and another little one on the way. We follow gentle discipline, meditation, listening, co-sleeping, growing our own food, yoga practicing, and everything in between.

    Thank you for the inspirational blog!


  81. Hi Mon,

    I'm loving your blog. Come visit me at mine to dream aloud together. It's a shame we can't meet up over a cup of tea in the real world - I think we'd have a lot in common.

    I really resonated with your mindful mama piece. It is very eloquently described and astutely observed. I also really loved your poem "Two and A Half"- we are so there right now with our middle child. I forwarded it to our head editor at Juno (where I am an associate editor so you might get a call!

    And me... I am a full-time mama-writer-teacher, and try, more or less successfully to do all three at once. With three kiddies under 5 1/2 this is a daily challenge, but one that my soul demands of me. Neither mothering, nor working are enough. Both are my soul work.

    I am not a fan of the "tick off the things you do to see if you belong" way of classifying myself, as I am a conservative hippy! but my kiddies are homebirthed, long term breast fed, co-sleep and we have a Steiner Nature table, and would ideally flexi-school if this were an option in Ireland.

    Any way, keep up the great work, and do come and visit

    Lucy x

  82. I fit all the Holistic criterian and would love to be added to the blog roll!

    Peace,Love and Joy,
    Georgiann from

    The Garden Gate (blog)

  83. I just left a comment but did not leave my blog address

    We are an attachment parenting,{un} home-schooling
    toddler nursing,organic chicken/veggie gardening home
    cooking, herbal remedy making, tea drinking
    chruch going,non spanking, knitting
    non birth controling momma with a hubby and many kiddos (well 6 so far).

    I'm sure I left a few things out....
    Oh yah we were a cloth diapering family but we had no kids in diapers. (they potty train early....about 18 mo)

    Peace Love and Joy,

  84. Hello, here is my page

    I would love to be included on your blogroll. We live in Hampshire and HE our beautiful girls, we follow the wheel and try to live a peaceful but joyful life. I am particularly interested in the new (well new to me) community of women online who support and inspire one another. The challenges I face currently are finding my way through the teenage years. It would appear that once your children hit that age bracket no one in interested in hearing about them. My girls are a daily source of absolute joy to me and I want the rest of the world to stop and look at their young people and celebrate, not disown them.

    Bright blessings, Amanda x

  85. Hello
    I am a new blogger. I have been writing all my life, but it wasn't until I started unschooling my kids did I start to discover my true passions and where I wanted to go from there. There is so much I want to do it's overwhelming. Having a blog was one thing, and I feel so pleased just to do it. I started in October of this year. I would be honored if you could take a peek.

    "your blog includes peeks into your life with your children or your work with children" --I started my blog to chronicle my revelations from moving from an authoritative parenting perspective to a gentler, more peaceful and respectful one. I am unlearning and learning along side my children and the blog is a reflection of all of us "growing up" . It also documents our move towards a more organic way of living and learning.

    "you are spiritual"--I have posted on this :). For me, spirituality is all about nature and the balance of all things. I talk to my kids daily about our connection to our environment and how we are all one. Kindness, respect, and our love for nature is all a part of our spirituality..

    "you are health conscious"--We talk all the time about how to take care of ourselves and how to listen to our body, and what we put into our body. Being outdoors and with nature is essential in reminding us how we feel and how important this is..

    "you are eco-conscious" --Among some of the changes I have experienced recently, I have realized how much of a trap this consumerist society encourages us to be in (bear with me)--the marketing, the advertising--pushing us to spend spend and be in debt. I hate it. I hate because I was a walking zombie completely oblivious to this trap. Oblivious except to know that something felt wrong, empty. As I changed my perspective--and woke up (thanks to unschooling), I began to know what is truly important--way beyond money and things--family, tradition, and being self sustaining. My mission is to make this the core of our lives. I began and continue to make changes. We are doing everything we can to continually move to self sustainment. Organic gardening, composting, recycling...I will be posting about starting our own worm compost soon. Just gotta get the worms. My husband has his own site where all his products are eco-conscious (

    "you grow your own produce or cook organically/healthy"--Yes!! I recently posted about our first garden :). To be honest, I have been hesitant about posting any of my cooking--I feel like such a novice when there is so many other wonderful cooks blogging out there.

    "you and possibly your child/ren do yoga, meditate, or something similar"--I practice Ashtanga yoga. The kids love sun salutations!!

    "you are nature-orientated with your child/ren"--I probably covered that enough. But just to finish up, our love for nature and our resolve to be more self sustaining strong and we are about to change our lives dramatically for it. My husband is leaving his company. We are putting our house up in Jan, taking the loss, and we are moving to Virginia. My blog started with our month long visit in VA, sealing our decision to move our lives there. I cannot wait to share this journey.

    "you practice gentle discipline"--Respecting our children, their thoughts and their needs is at the core of our discipline. We quit yelling and stopped consequences about 8 months ago. We realized that with respect, and modeling kindness, there is no need for any type of punishment. The effects have been dramatic. No doubt another catalyst to begin blogging.

    I think what is most electric and exciting for me is that I never saw all this change coming. It was just time. When you commune and stay in tune with nature, she has a way of bringing you home. To move from a place of just living to becoming alive is what is happening to me and I can feel the evolution. It feels wonderful. I hope this counts me in as a holistic mom...

  86. Kindred spirit connecting. Appreciate what you have to share.

  87. I’ve been gardening organically since I was a toddler and now I’m a mama nurturing my family with no additives or preservatives. Becoming a mother awakened the earth goddess inside of me. Though I can't be a total stay-at-home mama as I so yearn to do, I still try honor that connection to the earth in every moment I spend with my son.

    I'd be honored to be a part of the Holistic Mama blogroll!

  88. First of all, I love your blog. I love your writing style, and I love your relationship with your Wildflower. I wish you didn't live on the other side of the world, because we'd be having tea with our daughters on a weekly basis.

    I am a holistic mother with a background in herbalism, aromatherapy, and health and wellness. I also have a blog - it's called, "Holistic Mamas," very similar to yours, where I blog about my relationship with my baby girl, rant about western medicine, and provide alternative remedies for healing childhood ailments.

    I would be honored to have you check it out, give me your feedback, and include me on your blogroll.

  89. I'm en ecofeminist Witch: Tarologist, herbalist, apprentice Artisan, Gardener, Witch. I was born in Colombia and live in Brazil. I'm an holistic mom!

  90. I'm a Holistic Mama! I'm a nurse practicing holistic care personally and professionally. I do yoga, practice organic gardening, aromatherapy (and a few other complementary therapies), and I love spreading the word about holistic living.

    I'm just beginning a blog to promote stress reduction, relaxation, and holistic living for moms.

    I left my professional nursing job for the most honorable role there is - Mother.

    I enjoy your writing and life as a Holistic Mama!

  91. Hello from Malaysia!!!I have 2 little babies, 2 and 1 year old and another on the way, taken a break from my daytime job (a medical doctor by profession) to be there for the foundational years of the little ones.

    I teach the Bible, how to lead a healthy lifestyle (by example, hopefully!), be conscious of their environment... and yes, I have also recently located a center close to home which offers Yoga lessons for my 2 year old with me!!!

    I also try and carry out early learning programs for them, for an early love of learning. I make it as fun as possible, so much so they ask for it everyday!!!

    I try to lead by example, so I carry out reading, prayers, reading the Bible, eco-living in the practical life and yoga myself....

    Most of all, I also show them LOVE LOVE and unconditional LOVE... nothing trumps LOve...

    I'm definitely a holistic mommy ... a brand new blogger, and enjoying it!


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