Saturday, June 7

Eco-friendly children's parties

One of the most wasteful activities I see time and time again are children's parties. That is, what products are used for them. Examples are banners, hats, disposable plates, and on and on. But my personal pet peeve is towards party bags. Firstly, they are almost always filled with plastic toys. Secondly, they are almost always filled with junk food to take home.

Problem is, many parents feel the need to have the same party bags everyone else has because, well, because everyone else has them. But let's face it, I know many, if not most, parents can't stand those plastic toys, which end up broken and thrown away next to no time.

Plastic is such a big no-no for a green lifestyle. There must be other options? Sure, and no, they needn't be expensive. It pays to be creative and untraditional. There's no rule that says the bags must have toys and food. Why not send kids home with a single trinket? Take the cost of one bag of useless junk and use that towards something greener and longer lasting. A mini book or one or two toys.

Party companies that do the hard work for you are now entering the green niche market. Little Cherry is just one of them, and they can prepare eco-friendly party bags for you, or you can purchase the toys yourself to create your combinations.

If you have created your own green party bags or used such a company, I would love to hear from you.


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