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Vervains (or verbenas) are actually a group of plants, that is, a genus, with about 250 species!
The herbs that are most generally referred to are either common vervain (Verbena officinalis) or lemon verbena (Lippia citriodora).

Common verbena is a relaxer, but it is also a strengthener.

Verbena is a native plant of England, central and southern Europe, Northern Africa and parts of Asia, such as China and Japan. It is found in many more parts of the world now. It loves the sun this one, and although it prefers rich soil, it can do just fine with average soils. It can even be found on wastelands and roadsides.

It can grow as high as 2 feet. It has tiny blue, pink, or pale lilac flowers that appear around July. It’s a perennial, although doesn’t stick around for long, and it self sows.
Some people harvest it as it blooms, but I prefer to catch it just before it flowers, or right after the first flowers but before they open.

As both a strengthener and relaxant, it eases your insomnia or stress whilst also supporting your nervous system and improving depression. This is why it’s especially useful for people who feel a depression or exhaustion following a stressful situation or illness.

It is a wonderful liver tonic, which also means it can be an indirect support for skin problems. If you tend to break out in acne or eczema after suffering stress, vervain just might be your ally.


Vervain stimulates the uterus and can bring on menstruation, so obviously pregnant women should not use it.


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