Wednesday, January 23


...may get on your nerves, but even when they appear to be idle, down-and-out, opinionated slackers, they're stirring things up.
Bohemians are the ultimate elitists.
They want to run things.
They break the rules, set the trends, knit the knits, destroy the art and reinvent the art that everyone wants, or will want.
Bohemians start movements.
Bohemians change thinking.
Bohemians stay up all night talking, and sometimes they write manifestos.
Bohemians cross cultures and integrate mantras, philosophies, substances and clothing seamlessly into everyday life.
Bohemians tenderly and violently create new work and change paradigms.
Bohemians change the world.

...Laren Stover

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  1. I like that passage about Bohemians. I always thought that a Bohemian was just an inhabitant of Bohemia, but now I find there is another definition I was unaware of--and I like it!


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