Thursday, January 3

Say Anything

I get occassional emails asking me odd, useful, interesting, way-too-personal, questions. I'm happy to answer them all. Well, okay, at least to my discretion.... but feel free to ask me anything. You might ask something useful to other readers, so I might make a post out of it, or just ask me any simple question you're wondering about.

Use the comments section below or email me monb1970[at]gmail[dot]com

You can also use this section to send a general message not related to one of my posts. Got soemthing to say?


  1. Hi Mon,

    I hope all is well with your family and that deda is ok. I'm thinking of you, sending healing thoughts, and wishing you and yours all the best.

  2. Hey Mon...thanks for the comment. I'm holding up okay. I'm at the "well, let's kick his cancer's ass" stage. I'll post an update soon - after I complete this stinkin' paper for school.

    Thanks again...I appreciate your friendship.

  3. I was trying to send you this link ( so that you can hear the lullaby version of Led Zepplin's classics. Your little wildflower will love them almost as much as you will. They are awesome!

  4. I seem to remember you saying in an old email conversation of ours that you used to run intuition work shops back in Blighty. Although I consider myself very intuitive I don't pay enough attention to it, conditioning and all that, but finding it hard to break free of those chains. Would be lovely to see a (series of) post on honouring intuition. Even if my memory fails me and you didn't run those workshops at all lol, I know you could write brilliant posts on it! I know you trust yours fully or you wouldn't be where you are. :)

  5. Hi Mon,

    You've been awarded a Bella Award for your blog. To find out more go to


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