Thursday, March 19


I haven't updated in a little while, for a few reasons but namely, for this blog's records, that Miss6 was ill. Some unknown stomach thing. She's all recovered and back to her bouncy self.

We had lots of days indoors healing, then out for a walk to a neighboring town that has an old ruin of a motte and bailey. Tying in wonderfully with her studies on the Middle Ages. Although just a set of ruined walls, she thought it was brilliant, and knew that the stones she touched and sat upon had been touched by real knights!

Once a month we have Art at the Museum. A museum person there offered the home educated community a free session. Sometimes it's very arty and other times it's walks around the museum and looking closer at artifacts.This was our first time and we tried drawing challenges, such as using our non-dominant hand, using two pens at once, and ended with charcoal fun. We used stuffed birds as our models.

We took a quick trip to the library with her friend B and they registered and picked up their passports to the Children's University. A fabulous scheme nationwide in the UK. It's for every child, and it's to recognize outside-of-school learning.

It is of course especially brilliant for home educated children. Many of those visits, workshops, learning sessions, and events we attend (if accredited by the CU) get to be noted. They receive 'stamps' in their passport according to the number of hours of each activity. Over time these add up for certificates and eventually a degree, which involves an actual graduation ceremony.

Friday, March 6

Joan of Arc

I think that the first mention of Joan of Arc was within one of her Middle Ages books 2 or 3 weeks back. Which, as any female knight would, led to discussion.

We watched this youtube video - warrior women.
A couple of scenes I muted and covered her eyes, but otherwise it wasn't too bad. Although it does of course involve war, battles, and an inquisition.

Avoid Being Joan of Arc!
Joan of Arc, Stanley

Then off adventuring!

Made her own sword and banner, had the shield from a couple of weeks back, and apparently yesterday's leopard mask was essential.

She's ready to defend her castle, but knows that cleverness and compassion are also weapons of peace! Love it.

Monday, March 2

Middle Ages II

So continuing her Middle Ages study, including lots of Knights and Castles stuff....

A few more books to support:

And the Marguerite book inspired her own little project, making a teeny book, with a couple of pages, and fancy design borders around the images.

Saturday, February 28

February Reads

Thea Stilton 4 Catching the Giant Wave

Thea Stilton and the Star Castaways

I think I forgot to mention last month that she joined our local library's Book Track scheme. It's for children aged 6+ to read 100 books. Hardly a challenge for Miss6 but a fun scheme. They borrow books, and on returning them chat about them to a librarian. Only the ones they chat about get added to their list.

So not just a scheme about reading, but also about learning to discuss books with others (although we do that at home anyway this is a chance with another person). She only ever seems to choose 1 or 2 from the 5-7 she has borrowed, so it will take longer than I thought to complete!


The School Trip (Hello Kitty and Friends, Book 2), Linda Chapman
The Beach Holiday (Hello Kitty and Friends, Book 6), Linda Chapman
Matilda's Cat, Emily Gravett
Camille and the Sunflowers, Laurence Anholt

Monster Things to Make and Do, Rebecca Gilpin
Rainbow Magic: Madeleine the Cookie Fairy, Daisy Meadows
Prince Charmless, Jeanne Willis
Where My Wellies Take Me, Michael Morpurgo (shame the font made it almost impossible to read some sections)

Dr Xargle's Book Of Earth Tiggers, Jeanne Willis
Dr Xargle's Book Of Earth Hounds, Jeanne Willis
Have You Seen Who's Just Moved In Next Door to Us?, Colin McNaughton

She's also started to re-read the Beast Quest series, and read around 10 this week. Also she's read a pile of Middle Ages books which I'll list separately.

Tuesday, February 24

Musical Instruments - handmade

Monday Club was good and noisy as the theme was making our own musical instruments.

Miss6 made a kazoo from popsicle sticks, a whistle from a straw, a rattle from popcorn and a bottle and another from mung beans and a balloon. Finally a whistle from a carrot!

She also tried out a 'guitar' from rope and a bucket that a parent held for them all. The organiser also brought along an electric tuner so that they could see the change of notes with each instrument. And they experimented with different lengths of straw or rope to hear how notes change and maybe why.

She had woken during the night and not had her full sleep, so she was tired and asked to head home early. The level of noise was also a little much. Overall though she had fun.

A peaceful home day today, with lots of books, and perhaps a little Joan of Arc learning...